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Amprobe ® Ultrasonic Leak Detector Kit
Weight: 0 lbs.

The Amprobe ULD-300 Ultrasonic Leak Detector is a compact, high quality, and affordably priced ultrasonic leak detector that is a solution for many leak detector problems. The ULD-300 “hears” the ultrasonic noise created by any gas moving through a small orifice. This method of detection enables the ULD-300 to pinpoint leaks of any gas, regardless of type.
  • Detects any pressurized gas leak, regardless of type: CFCs, HFCs, Nitrogen, etc.
  • Unaffected by contaminants.
  • Unaffected by windy, roof-top conditions.
  • The ULD-300, when used in conjunction with the Parabola PB-1, will dramatically reduce the background noise.
  • Detects the ultrasonic noise caused by arcing electrical switchgear. Combined with the Amprobe UT-300 Transmitter, the ULD-300 has a variety of applications:
  • Testing the “air-tightness” of cars and houses.
  • Pre-pressure testing of vessels.
  • Identifying the ends of buried PVC pipe.
  • Finding leaks in ductwork. Kit includes: the ULD-300 leak detector, UT- 300 transmitter, TE-2 tubular extension with adapter (TEA-1), HP-1 headphones, PB-1 Parabola and the carrying case (ULD-CC). No. UT-300 – Amprobe ® ultrasonic transmitter only.

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