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Universal Recovery Station for Contaminated or Mixed Refrigerant
Weight: 0 lbs.

A recovery-only unit designed for quickly capturing contaminated or unknown refrigerants, mixtures, and blends, including sealants. It protects your recovery/recycling equipment and your shop’s refrigerant supply.
  • Recover into one 50-lb. tank for collection and off-site disposal (mixtures and blends cannot be recycled).
  • Simple to hook up and operate with instructions printed on the control panel for quick reference.
  • Other features include air regulator for compressor air supply; air line lubricator which prolongs motor life by supplying continuous lubrication; and tank pressure gauge.
  • Two hoses are included, one with a 1/4" MFL fitting and one with a 1/2" Acme field service coupler. Replacement Part No. 17686 – 50 lb. (23 kg) tank with float switch IMPORTANT: Refrigerant collected should not be used in any A/C system. When the tank is full, send it to a disposal facility.

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